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Behavioral Health Services

The Child Development Center of Marin Difference 

Our behavioral health services take a holistic approach to supporting a child and their family. While many individuals who seek behavior services may do so because they are trying to best support their neurodivergent child, we do not limit our services to children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.  Try out our thoughtful approach to working with your child!

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Parent Consultation Services:  Parents aren't provided with a handbook.  Each one of our children is their own unique journey and learning to parent and guide your child isn't always intuitive.  Learn about behavior and how to implement specific routines that work with your family.
Individual Therapy: 

  • Home carryover services

  • Learning readiness support

  • Implementation of daily living schemes

Small Group Classes:  

  • Behavior group classes focusing on meaningful participation with peers

  • Behavior/Speech Communication Crossover

  • Behavior/OT Crossover

  • Behavior/Art Crossover

Services We Provide

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