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Speech and Language Therapy

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Our one to one services are tailored specifically to each child's individual needs.

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Speech Therapy 

Speech Therapy focuses on production and synthesis of sounds to produce words. These sessions are individualized and treatment focuses on a variety of delays and disorders including:



*childhood apraxia of speech



Social Groups

Our social groups may be run by an speech language pathologist or they may cross disciplines.  

Groups we have

  • Speech/Language (S/L) preschool, school age, and teen groups.  As well as groups focusing on fluency.  Groups are in person (majority) or virtual depending on the needs of the group.

  • S/L with Occupational Therapy (OT) include sensory processing, emotional regulation, and social language.

  • S/L with Behavior include social language and navigating shared experiences with peers 

  • Other pairs that are offered: S/L with Art; Art and Behavior; OT and Behavior


Our goal is to partner children who can benefit from one another's skill sets.


Auditory Training

Auditory Training focuses on improving a child's ability detect, recognize and interpret sounds. Sessions focus on improving auditory skills for children with hearing impairments using hearing aids or cochlear implants.  A holistic approach using total communication may be initially recommended.


Language Therapy 

Language Therapy focuses on the meaning of what we say, read, and write. We can focus on oral language, written language, or both. Sessions are individualized and treatment focuses on a variety of delays and disorders pertaining to oral and/or written language including:

*receptive - expressive language delays and disorders

*reverse language learning gaps

*word finding



*phonological awareness/pre - reading skills

*autism spectrum disorders

*auditory processing

*social/pragmatic language

*selective mutism

*language deficits secondary to hearing impairment



READING encompasses vocabulary, phonological awareness, fluency, phonics, and comprehension.  Reading is our receptive written language.  At Marin Child Development Center, we provide an individualized reading program for children who are struggling with: phonological awareness, phonemic processing, reading fluency, decoding, working memory, literary vocabulary, spelling, or reading comprehension.  WRITING is our expressive written language.

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