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Getting Started

Contact the Clinic

Call into the clinic to speak with a clinical director about your current concerns regarding your child.  You will get a free phone consult and will be able to determine if the clinic is a right fit for your family.


Insurance - TriCare West

Speech Therapy Marin, Inc. directly contracts with TriCare West . Contact your pediatrician for a referral.

Insurance - Blue Shield PPO

Speech Therapy Marin, Inc. directly contracts with Blue Shield.


Blue Shield PPO - check with your insurance for your deductible, number of visits, and medical necessity clause. We can give you codes to check if needed.


Blue Cross / Blue Shield - we contract with Blue Shield which allows us to run your insurance directly. Please check on your deductible, number of visits and presence of a medical necessity clause.

Insurance - Other

Check and see what your out - of - network coverage looks like. You will pay the clinic directly and get reimbursed by insurance accordingly. You will be considered a "private pay" patient.

Procedures and Policies
Speech, Language, and Feeding Services


Each child has a primary therapist and a secondary therapist. All therapists have the ability to be the primary. Designation of your child's primary depends on schedules. The primary therapist develops the treatment plan and is the family's point of contact. The secondary therapist serves a way to increase generalization of skills as well as to allow your child the ability to have a familiar face when a therapist is sick.

Monitoring Progress

Families will meet with the primary therapist, and often, Denise, to discuss progress from the previous quarter of therapy and treatment goals for the next quarter of therapy. Parents will receive a written report detailing the progress and future treatment objectives.


Speech and Language:  Your child will undergo an initial, informal assessment with Denise who will recommend therapy (or not) and determine appropriate frequency and type of therapy. Upon beginning sessions, a few weeks of diagnostic therapy will occur in which more assessment information will be gathered as well as development of the treatment plan and determining baseline measures. After these initial few weeks, the parents, primary therapist and often, Denise, will meet to discuss findings and treatment plan. At this time, families will be provided with a detailed report and specific treatment goals.


PRIVATE PAY - Families are held to a two week cancellation policy. If you cancel with less than two weeks notice, you will be charged at full price. However, you then have a make - up 'in the bank' to schedule for free in the future.


KAISER - Families who cancel more than twice in a 6 month period are subject to dismissal. You are able to reschedule your sessions for another day within that calendar week.


BLUE SHIELD/TRICARE - Families who cancel more than twice in a 6 month period are subject to a $50 charge for cancels that occur with less than two weeks notice.


PRIVATE PAY - Families will be billed weekly for the previous week's therapy. You may bring in a check or leave a card on file. Invoices will be sent via FUSION to your email address.


INSURANCE - Families who have claims directly billed to insurance will be billed for your deductible AFTER the claim has been settled by insurance. Please not that the speed at which this occurs depends on the responsiveness of your insurance carrier.

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